Screenings / Workshops

Recent Appearances

National Gallery of Art, Syracuse University - Video Art History, Museum of Art and Design (NYC),

School of Visual Arts - MFA Art Practices, SVA Theater: “We’re All Videofreex” Symposium, Macalester College, WRO Biennale (Wroclaw, Poland), Goddard College - Alternative Media Conference, DC Art Center,

Myrna Loy Film Center (Helena MT) - Martin Holt Film Festival, Gala Honoring Ron Kovic.   

                                CAMPUS VISIT MENU

                                                      Presentation tailored to course curriculum

Screenings / Lectures

Skip Blumberg Micro-Retrospective - Best videos from 40+ year indie production career

Experimental Video Survey - Vintage, current and student experimental videos

Performance Video Showcase - Variety show and history of avant-garde performance videos

Early Community Video - Early crowd sourcing and media activism

Videofreex Pirate TV Show - Screening and history of early indy video pioneers

Guerilla TV: Videofreex, Ant Farm & TVTV- Legendary early gonzo video groups

Workshops / Classes

Steady Handheld Camera Exercises

Structural Breakdown of a Short - Analyze like an editor

The Art of the Interview - Lecture and exercises

Location Scouting / Scene-setting - Screenings and location scout exercise

Process Documentary - Intensive action coverage analysis and shooting exercise

First Person Doc Production - Lecture and screening

One-person Crew Production Workshop

Camcorder Image Scavenger Hunt - Production game and installation screening

Documentary Production Course / Workshops - Introductory to Advanced

Experimental Movie Production Course / Workshops - Introductory to Advanced

Mentoring and Notes on Students’ Documentary and Experimental Movies

Classes can be tailored for specific course needs