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RECOMMENDED CLASSIC VIDEOS for classes Camcorder How-To Handouts Steady Camcorder Workshop

Globalvision Video Training Video by Danny Schechter 38:00

Media Studies videos for media studies Courses

  • Skip Blumberg: "Interviews with Interviewers...about interviewing"  1985  "Trailer- Mike Wallace" 1:45, "Part 1" 4 min, "Part 2" 6 min, Program 51:30  TV’s Barbara Walters and Mike Wallace, Pulitzer Prize winner Studs Terkel, Public Radio’s Susan  Stamberg, NYC Police Detective Sean Grennan, and psycho-analyst Joel Kovel are interviewed about curiosity, style, trickery, truth and conversation. Produced during John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation Fellowship year. 

  • Skip Blumberg: "The Channel Market"  1993  6 min  On the festive convention floor, cable TV owners and operators go shopping. Blumberg is an early one-person-crew camera journalist, with a wry editorial report about the cultural shortfall of the "industry" at the end of the twentieth century.


Documentary Video Classics for History and Studies Courses                  

  • TVTV: "4 More Years"  1972 58:00  Quintessential guerrilla video of the Republican National Presidential Convention that re-nominated Nixon after Watergate. Blumberg's non-interview with CBS correspondent Roger Mudd is iconic. And Skip is harassed by security for playing his harmonica on the convention floor.
  • Jane Aaron & Skip Blumberg: "When I was a Worker Like LaVerne" 1974 29:30  Preview: 1:41  A tour of the one of the world’s longest conveyor belt systems culminates in a confrontation between worker and boss. A real-time half-hour TV show composed of 21 long clips recorded on black & white open-reel videotape portapak when coverage with the brand new medium of process, personality and social interactions was peaking.

  • Skip Blumberg: "Pick Up Your Feet:  the Double Dutch Show" 1982 29:00 "Trailer - Tigers" 1:36  “Its overwhelmingly upbeat impact is a result of not only the remarkable young jumpers but because of Blumberg’s unique documentary style.” - Deirdre Boyle (Video Classics); Museum of Broadcasting’s TV Critics Favorite Shows of All-Time; A documentary video classic.

  • Skip Blumberg: "Flying Morning Glory (on fire)" 1985 4:00  A zany hot cooking/performance video in Thailand. “A perfect video.”~NY Documentary Film and Video Festival.

  • Disarmament Survey Committee: "Disarmament Video Survey" 1988 29:15  Color and B&W  Gathered by 60 early indy video crews around the world as an early crowd-sourced and activist video, these are the most insightful and provocative (with Bella Abzug, Chaka Khan, Joseph Papp, James Taylor and 30 others) of more than 3000 interviews. Initiated and directed by Skip Blumberg with Karen Ranucci, DeeDee Halleck and Wendy Clarke. Screened 24 hours/day on Manhattan cable TV during the 1988 United Nations Disarmament Conference, in community centers with discussions, and as a 5-channel installation at JFK Center for Performing Arts (Washington DC).

  • Jenny Raskin & Jon Nealon with Videofreex footage: "Here Come the Videofreex"  2015 72:00 Documentary feature about the infamous video production group in the utopian 1970s from Soho NYC to their pirate TV station in the Catkill Mountains. "Critics Choice" - Village Voice.



  • Videofreex: 'Videofreex Pirate TV Show"   1969 - 78  64-minute variety show of 44 shorts and excerpts by the infamous video production group’s innovative black & white videos.         

  • Skip Blumberg: "JGLNG (pronounced "juggling")"  1975 5:25  This high contrast analysis of the act of juggling is an early art video. Experimental doc. 

  • Skip Blumberg: "City Beat"  1980 / 2010  7:15  3-channel art video (recently restored and combined on one screen). The repetition of urban action becomes a symphony of rhythms, leading to cacophony and back. Produced with 12 local video artists at Intermedia Arts, Minneapolis. Installation in the Crystal Court of the IDS Center – the skyscraper seenon screen – as well as Museum of Modern Art and others.

  • Skip Blumberg: "Get Wet:  the Synchro Swim Scratch Video" 1988 4:55  A catalog of early analog movie magic effects made possible by the introduction of the time base corrector and dynamic tracking.    

  • Ant Farm: "Media Burn"  1975  23:15  A 4th of July spectacle in which the Phantom Dream Car crashes through a wall of burning TVs, with a speech by the Artist-President. A monumental performance art event produced by Ant Farm and TR Uthco. Documented by a crew of Bay Area indy videomakers including visiting Videofreex; edited by Ant Farm and Videofreex including Skip Blumberg.


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